Podcast with Queen of Reef

Hanging out with Queen of Reef in Dallas.

Podcast with Queen of Reef

Hanging out with Queen of Reef in Dallas.Join this channel to get access to perks://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGdAIpjFq4vygKzXAyDKKtQ/join//www.tid…

Join this channel to get access to perks:


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The salt we use:
Reef Crystals – //amzn.to/3tYz9GA

Our Favorite Fish and Coral Foods:
Sustainable Aquatics Hatchery Diet 1.2 mm – //amzn.to/35Xnz5B
Sustainable Aquatics Hatchery Diet 0.8 mm – //amzn.to/2N10IPH
Dr G’s Food – //amzn.to/3sxQdnx
Nori Sheets – //amzn.to/2LQVzsQ
Algae Clips – //amzn.to/3bIVfHB

Fish Quarantine Treatments:
Formaldehyde / Formalin – //amzn.to/2XDOjU7
Prazipro – //amzn.to/3smK5ya
Furan-2 – //amzn.to/39umNxP
Coppersafe – //amzn.to/3nHKIPh

Cycling Bacteria/Media:
Dr Tims One and Only – //amzn.to/2MW4idQ
Brightwell Microbacter7 – //amzn.to/3idLIti
Marinepure bricks – //amzn.to/3idZxId
Brightwell bricks – //amzn.to/2LN4ls6

Super Helpful Random Stuff:
Sicce Utility Pump – //amzn.to/3qjgu6X
Wireless Remote Control – //amzn.to/38FaMGy
ETEKCITY Infrared Thermometer – //amzn.to/3nH7Pt9
OXO silicone dryer mat – //amzn.to/2TFadnX
OXO Turkey Baster – //amzn.to/3ofxyuV
Rubbermaid 1/2 Tray – //amzn.to/3hrPscy

Sound Absorbing:
Rubber Anti-Vibration Pad – //amzn.to/3brxJhi
Sound absorbing panels in the room – //amzn.to/386LPnH

DIY Sound Panel Parts:
Owens Corning 703 – //amzn.to/2UoxAlL
Roxul Safe & Sound – //amzn.to/3ndMyHH
Guilford of Maine Fabric – //amzn.to/35jcE6e

Canon C200
Canon 5Ds R – //amzn.to/33qklaf
Canon 100mm Macro – //amzn.to/33pbUvG
Canon 100mm IS Macro L – //amzn.to/3guFh3h
Canon EF MP-E 65mm f/2.8 macro – //amzn.to/3gz9HBO

Camera Stabilization:
Freefly Movi Phone Stabilizer – //amzn.to/2DDrzwr
Freefly Movi Pro Stabilizer – //amzn.to/31oO7to
Edelkrone SliderONE – //amzn.to/39V8Ici
Edelkrone HeadONE – //amzn.to/2EQfu7X

Shure SM7B – //amzn.to/2DUQPP1
Sennheiser 416 – //amzn.to/3ajHpIT
Sennheiser AVX Lavalier – //amzn.to/33Ud4iU
Focusrite Scarlet 18i8 – //amzn.to/30RkBx8
Cloudlifter CL-1 – //amzn.to/2XY4En8
Aston Halo Portable Microphone Reflection Filter – //amzn.to/36hoSfH


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About Tidal Gardens:

Tidal Gardens is a coral farm located in Copley, OH. We are constantly on the lookout for amazing new corals and attempt to propagate them sustainably. In addition, Tidal Gardens produces videos on a variety of reef related topics with a focus on corals and aquaculture.

About Than Thein:

Than Thein is the owner of Tidal Gardens, a coral farm located in Copley, OH. He has a background in biology, computer science, business, and law and left the corporate environment to farm corals. He is also a certified diver and specializes in underwater photography and videography.

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