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Pet Fish – Why kids should have them?

Ever since I can remember, people seem to be amazed of my choice to keep pet fish. “Can’t play with them”, “They don’t do anything”, “They are boring” are some of many opinions I have heard when talking about pets.  But they were all opinions from grown-ups. If you ask any kid if they want a pet fish, they will scream “YES” with excitement without any hesitation. Here are some of the reasons why.

There is an American poll, made by APPA, about how 15 million Americans have pet fish in their homes or working place. Most of them were asked why by the Nationals Pet Owner Survey in 2017-2018 and this is what they had to say.

5 Reasons Kids Need A Pet Fish


Have you ever wondered why so many doctors, dentists, therapists and psychologists have fish tanks in their offices or waiting rooms? After all, they all have a delicate professional behavior and somehow are managing to maintain their neutral/positive behavior all of the time. Research has shown that keeping fish, or just being able to observe them, has a positive influence on your health:

  • Stress reduction
  • Reducing both blood-pressure and heart rate
  • Improving the mood and problems with eating of those who are suffering with Alzheimer’s disease


Confucius said: “Silence is a true friend that never betrays”.  When you find yourself in an empty room with sunlight and a fish tank in front of you, you literally “find yourself”.

Cats, dogs and parrots are the most popular household pets, yes, but; there is a time when your kids are resting and you need a peaceful environment without any unnecessary noise that will ruin your family’s nap time.

Fish. Don’t. Make. Noise.

Learning Experience for Children

Taking on the role of a parent is a full time job, everybody that has children know about the seriousness of parenting. And for most of the parents, kindness and caring for everything on our planet are the most foremost truths we want our children to learn at the youngest of ages. Love everything around them, no matter how small and helpless, pet fish are the perfect means to teach kids about these things.

Feeding the fish is the simplest way to transfer the idea of caring for someone, be there on time when someone or something is depending and expecting you to help them when they most need it.

Maintenance of the aquarium does not take a lot of your time as is cleaning after other pets, but it is still enough involving as a routine to make it fun for the children, while they help to create a safe and clean environment for the pet fish. You might want to read our aquarium cleaning guide.

Pet fish become family very fast, as they recognize those who they see more frequent and can be very interesting.

For example:

Oscar Fish

Oscars are very playful when it’s time to feed them. They swim up to the surface of the fish tank and make movements that create splashes from excitement. They are also known for their ability to redecorate the interior design of their home-aquarium. Oscars just love to move the décor around their living space and what is truly amazing, if they don’t like something you have placed inside for them, they just pick it up and spit it out of the aquarium. Learn more about Oscar fish here.


Angelfish is a “first choice” pet fish because of its amazing body, but once you get to know her a little better, there is no way you won’t fall deep in love with her adorable personality. They are quite fast learners and can identify their caretaker, so when they see you bringing in food, they will happily eat from your hand. What’s far more interesting about them though, is the bonding with other fish of their species, connecting during their whole life. The both of them stay close to each other all of the time which is another way to teach the children about love and commitment. Learn more about angelfish here.

Not taking up space

What is very helpful about keeping fish is the fact that you don’t have to sacrifice any space commotion in your home. Living in a fast-paced social community, like a big city, has made us to choose smaller homes. Apartment instead of a house, balcony instead of a backyard, the space that your everyday life takes place dictates your pet involvement and most of us do not want to complicate things even further. Pet fish don’t even come near to the idea that space would be a problem for keeping them.

The fewer fish you keep, the smaller fish tank you need. A small aquarium can be placed on a bar, on that little coffee table by the window, even on a shelf if you don’t have the spare space. All of the accessories for maintenance along with the food, you can put in a box which you can fit anywhere in your room.

Remember to think about what kind of fish tank you need before you buy one, because all of the species of fish have different fish tank requirements. Find out more about fish tank sizes in this article.

Aesthetically rewarding

It is well known that most of the people who decide to get pet fish, somewhere along the way get obsessed with the beauty of their aquariums in the best way imaginable. You can place castles, statues, plastic model of literally everything inside the fish tank. Change the lighting inside with some colorful LED lights depending on the mood you want to set in the ambient. Sand, algae and corals are one of many pleasures of the eye that you can enjoy in your home, just a glance away. The best way to decorate your fish tank is to let your kids decide what to put where.

If you worry about the children getting wet, or somehow the aquarium would not be safe for them, don’t be alarmed. Just take them to your nearest Aquarium and watch the eyes of your kids sparkle with excitement.

Little Fun Fact

Fish have the same senses as us humans. Sadly, they can feel pain like us too.

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