Mythological Sealebrities Give Wave Reviews Of Monterey Bay Aquarium’s New “Into the Deep” Exhibition


Several blurry mythological creatures tour the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s New “Into the Deep” exhibition. Photo: Nessie/Associated Pisces

MONTEREY, CA – The Monterey Bay Aquarium’s latest exhibition “Into the Deep/En Lo Profundo” opens April 9, and it’s already making waves through the mythological aquatic community worldwide.

“I can barely believe what I saw in there—and I’m me!” exclaimed legendary Norse cephalopod the Kraken in today’s exclusive preview.

They were among several VIP entities invited to tour the Aquarium’s new deep-sea gallery.

“I’m so amped up I gotta go sink a brigantine ship or something!!” added the gargantuan squid.

Snake-haired Gorgon Medusa seemed equally pleased to see the exhibition after a long odyssey from the Greek Isles: “Oh yeah, the whole exhibit rocks—well, maybe more so since I went through, but still!”

“I dropped everything—helicopters, high-tension wires, skyscrapers, you name it—to come and see this,” stated Japanese kaiju and international movie star Godzilla, who had nothing but praise for the Aquarium’s mix of never-before-seen video footage, ethereal soundscapes, innovative interactive displays, and world-firsts for animal husbandry. “Honestly if you’re still stomping around a metropolis right now, you’re missing out!”

“Couldn’t agree more!” chimed in mythical ghost-whale Bake-Kujira. “I don’t want to spoil anything, but there are bones! BONES!! I usually say ‘Boo!’ to most things, but not today!”

“Into the Deep/En Lo Profundo” is the culmination of many years of collaboration between the Aquarium and its science partner MBARI, the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, a leading oceanographic organization whose ships and robots explore the briny depths of “inner space” that many of the visiting cryptids call home.

“Utterly impressive,” offered the colossal Arabian fish Bahamut, the foundation of Earth’s support structure. “I know a little something about heavy lifts, and this effort is massive in scale.”

“It’s exactly what I’ve been waiting for,” shared the Dark Lord Cthulhu, who made a special trip from R’lyeh to explore the new gallery showcasing animals from the midwater to the seafloor, all adapted to survive the extreme conditions found in the deep sea, “Honestly, it’s what fhtagns are made of.”

“This kind of exhibition is a white whale if there ever was one,” chimed fabled American sperm whale and open-ended metaphor Moby Dick, “Call me impressed!”

“Most of my pictures turned out blurry, but I still had a blast,” mused the elusive creature/unidentified floating Scottish object Nessie, “Even if I tried to describe how cool it is, I just don’t think you’d believe me.”

When it opens, “Into the Deep/En Lo Profundo” will be the largest display of deep-sea life in North America. It’s expected to run for many years, with a rotating cast of midwater drifters and seafloor staples, like giant isopods, to bring guests face-to-carapace with life from the planet’s largest habitat that’s rare-to-see but not rare-to-the-sea.

“I’m just so proud of all my hidden babies getting their time to shine like this,” stated a clearly emotional Yacumama, Peruvian goddess-serpent and mother of all aquatic beings. “This space is so full of wonder, it just draws you right in.”

“Communing with the abyss brings a deep serenity I hope that everyone can enjoy,” offered Mami Wata, venerated West, Central, and Southern African water deity and occasional mermaid. “Seeing such otherworldly creatures and understanding the challenges they face—not only to survive, but to deal with human impacts going forward—it helps hold a mirror up to our reality so that people can see themselves as part of a larger, more profound web of life on this water world.”

“Whoa, that’s deep,” chimed in Bobo, Monterey Bay’s own cryptozoological ambassador. “We’re really not fooling around on this one, even with it being April 1 and all.”

Bobo concludes proudly, “It’s just so killer. Whale deep-sea you all very soon!”


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