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It’s a dog eat dog world out there. Or in this case, a shark eat shark world. Life in the Coex Aquarium in Seoul, South Korea got very real last week. The aquarium has over 40,000 animals in 130 tanks, with multiple sharks and animals residing in the Animal Kingdom exhibit. Visitors were in for a sight on Thursday when an 8 year old female sand tiger shark decided to make a meal of her 5 year old male hound shark tank mate. The female shark ate the male shark, bite by bite, over a slow and agonizing 21 hours, until just the tail remained.

Certainly this was not your average visit to the aquarium for the visitors present when this epic meal took place. Although sharks eating other sharks is not unheard of, it’s not commonplace to say the least. The Aquarium stated they believe it was a turf war of sorts. In this case, the bigger shark clearly won that battle. Oh Tae-youp, spokesman for Coex Aquarium, said. “Sharks have their own territory. However, sometimes when they bump against each other, they bite out of astonishment.” The shark will be unable to digest the tail of her meal, and it will stay in her mouth for about four to five days, until she regurgitates it.  MORE

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