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It may seem like a pretty niche market, but with all the Steampunk trends rapidly gaining popularity over the past few years, one could imagine this would end up being pretty sought-after. In this fine, betentacled collection, OctopusME! marries the natural textures and shapes of these eight-armed creatures with the grace and delicacy of precious metals. Hand-forged and finished in San Francisco, California, the jewelry is comprised of 14k gold, sterling silver and precious gemstones. From rings, bracelets and brooches to a particularly imaginative “octopus meets dentistry”-esque piece modeled after a human wisdom tooth, the inspired baubles are a must-buy for the Cephalopod-loving broad in your life. For any reefers out there looking to tie the knot, they even have a whimsical wedding band set, you’ll just want to make sure she REALLY loves octopuses before you drop bank on that one.

Caitlin Nichole

I’m a New York Reef Enthusiast and Fish Nerd, amateur photographer, dog lover, beer brewer/drinker, cocktail mixer, semi-seasoned chef, Prosecco Indulging, lightly foul-mouthed, slightly antagonistic, sorta-artistic, wordy bookworm of a girl. Dog mommy of three, an Abyssinian dubbed “Mau”, plus one Dwarf Cuttlefish and a few Clarions. I have a tattoo of an Octopus with flowers on my rear. I ride my bike to the beach and sip bourbon with a good (reef) book while watching the waves. I like to think I’m witty and charming – but I’ll let you decide.

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