Meet the Scaly Residents of Remote Bulls Island

Meet the Scaly Residents of Remote Bulls Island

How much do you know about the American alligator (Alligator mississippiensi)? This species has had a rocky history, but were put on a path to success thanks to the Endangered Species Act (ESA).

Decades ago, this reptile (the largest in North America, in fact!) was hunted almost to extinction. Under law that led to the ESA, their habitat was put under protection, as were they from hunting. Twenty years later, their populations were stable enough for them to be removed from the endangered species list, and they’ve remained off of it ever since.

South Carolina has the second densest population of American alligators on a remote barrier island just 40-minutes from downtown Charleston, Bulls Island. We’re lucky enough to have access to seeing this wildlife success story thanks to Coastal Expeditions and their new “Bulls Island Alligator Walk” tours!

We sat down with Olivia DePue from Coastal Expeditions, our official adventure outfitter. Olivia’s job immerses her into the landscape of the Lowcountry through adventurous treks by boat, kayak or paddleboard. One of her favorite places for experiencing the wild side of our region is Bulls Island, and she has the inside scoop on its scaly residents!

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