Leviathan – Affordable Aquarium Automation

Check out this innovative new product from engineer and hobbyist Brandon Schreiber! Leviathan is a circuit board designed to automate nearly everything in an aquarium. It’s easy to use, affordable, & packs a ton of features into a tiny package. There are only 2 days left to be a part of his Kickstarter campaign and promotion, so take a few minutes to visit his site and get involved.

Leviathan-Affordable Aquarium Automation

Leviathan’s website: //sites.google.com/view/leviathan-aquarium/home Leviathan is a circuit board I designed to automate nearly everything to keep an aquarium running. It seamlessly pairs with the free, open source Reef-Pi software to control equipment, monitor temperature & pH, control water level, dose chemicals, & more!

Leviathan “can track temperature & pH, set your lights to dimming schedules, monitor & control your water level, control all your equipment on schedules, and much more.

If you plan on going the DIY Reef-Pi route, Leviathan will save you countless hours of work. The DIY guide for Reef-Pi recommends 4 separate Proto boards & a mini board for a total purchase of $25.95. Not only is this nearly double Leviathan’s price, but you have to hand solder every… single….. connection…… There are roughly 90 individual connections for the dosing feature alone!


Fauna – 728

Total amount of board connections necessary to solder on Leviathan? ZERO! They’re already connected for you inside the board. Just add your components and move on.
Brandon Schreiber

There are multiple designs, with the capability to house up to 16 individual outlets for powering your aquarium’s equipment. Since these enclosures are individually created by myself, the number of outlets and ports is custom fit for your selected build’s needs.
dose chemicals

All Leviathan boards run the powerful open-source Reef-Pi software. you can check out the guide at Adafruit. Reef-Pi uses an easy to use interface to control and modify all the features Leviathan offers.

The main dashboard is fully customizable to show as much, or as little information as you desire and the interface can be accessed from any device with an internet connection and a browser.”



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