Koi Betta Fish: Diet, Tank Set up & Breading Guide

Koi Betta Fish: Diet, Tank Set up & Breading Guide

Nowadays, you would find various types of fish which are available in the market. Especially the Betta fish with elegant colors. The remarkable colors of the Koi Betta fish make the people buy them. But there always arises some confusion regarding koi betta fish.

Sometimes the question arises from where do Koi Betta fish come from. Or sometimes doubt whether the Koi Betta fish is a different species or not. Would these Koi Betta fish require the same supervision as the normal betta fish get?

After proper research, we have come out with this article. In this article, you would get all the answers to your questions. And your all doubts would be cleared. So let the magic begin.

The below table would help you to get some information about your favorite betta fish: 

Category Rating
Care level: Moderate 
Family:  Osphronemidae
Color: Red, black, white, and orange
Diet: Carnivore
Size:  3 inches 
Lifespan:  3 years 
Temperature: Aggressive 
Minimum tank size: 10 gallons 
Tank set up: Freshwater with plants and caves
Compatibility: Kept singly or sometimes with calm fish

What Is A Koi Betta Fish? 

This is a selectively bred marbled betta. This Koi Betta fish has an identical color structure with the koi fish. Hence, these fish have got their name from the koi-like color patterns. Generally, the Koi Betta fish come in red, yellow, orange, or black colors which are unique. Koi Betta fish have a choosy procedure of breeding. Therefore, they are quite costly in comparison with the Marbled Betta. 

If you are planning to buy a Koi Betta. You should always look for a healthy and happy fish. You should also be aware of the injuries and markings on the body of the fish. If you find any kind of markings. This could be a sign that the fish is suffering from some kind of disease. It is always advisable to go to a different shop if you recognize any unstable or sluggish behavior. Because it is an indication of something nasty.

Typical Behaviour 

Koi Bettas do not come in the list of well-behaved fish. Koi Betta fish are popularly known for contentious propensities. These Koi Betta fish generally show aggression to the members of their species.

Koi Betta fish act like a fighter. Once they see any fish they become ready to fight. Whether it is a male Koi Betta or a female Koi bmBetta. Both of them have the same level of aggression. Hence, you should keep Koi Betta fish lonely. They do not show any kind of kindness to other species. Therefore, it is advisable to choose calm and fast swimming tank mates for your Koi Betta fish. You would recognize Koi Betta fish flicker their gills to frighten their tank mates.

Koi Bettas like the upper and middle level of the tank. Therefore, they spend almost the whole time there only. You would have recognized Koi Betta fish leading the way to the ground. They perform so because this helps koi betta fish to take out from the atmosphere. As Koi Betta fish live in an environment with a low level of oxygen. Therefore, it would be very beneficial for them to stay in such an atmosphere. The air generally acts as an additional supplier of oxygen. Though Koi Betta fish primarily depend on their gills for oxygen.


Every species of Betta looks elegant. But the Koi Betta fish are more beautiful. Hence, they are sold at a high cost in the market. Koi Betta is generally of red, orange, black, and white colour. Hence, they look bright and attractive. You would find some blue orders on the body of Koi Bettas.

You would notice both Koi Betta and Plakat Betta look identical. This is because they have short fins. After a lot of effort, you could also find some Koi Betta with long fins. Koi Betta fish attain a length of around 3 inches when they are fully grown. Koi betta with short fins indicate that they do not require more area to grow. You can differentiate between a male Koi Betta and a female Koi Betta without any effort. It becomes very susceptible to identify a male Koi Betta. You would find male Koi Betta with brighter colors. They generally have more elegant fins in comparison to a female Koi Betta.

Koi Betta Lifespan

The typical lifespan of a Koi Betta fish lies between 5-10 years. Your Koi Betta would be able to live up to 10 years. For that, you should provide them with adequate supervision, proper living climates, and a balanced diet. 

Koi Betta Fish Care

Koi Betta Fish Care

If you want your Koi Fish to be healthy and happy. You should have a tank of adequate size and ideal tank mates. 

Aquarium Size

The size of the tank is also one of the important factors to be considered. The minimum tank size for your Koi Betta would be 2.5 gallons. But it is always advised to have a tank of 10 gallons. This is because your Koi Betta could live with its tank mates. 

10 gallons aquarium for koi betta fish

Water Quality

Koi Betta generally lives in the tropical freshwaters across Asia. They are mostly found in Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand. You can find Koi Betta fish in river basins. These basins contain warm and slow streaming water full of foliage. It is advisable to maintain the same atmosphere in your Koi Betta fish tank too. This is because it would make your fish live happily and feel like a home. The water temperature of your Koi Betta fish tank should lie between 75°F to 80°F. The pH level of water is to be 6.0-8.0 and the hardness of water is to be 5-35 dGH.

Plants & Substrate

The ground of your Koi Betta tank should have a sandy substrate. You can add some decorative items to the tank. So that your Koi Betta stays calm. Most importantly, do not forget to add holes and shaded regions. Koi Betta would always return to their area.

You can put some plants in their tank. Plants help in oxygenating the water. Hence, it is very effective. Your Koi Betta would also get a shelter to stay. 

For the breeding process, you can add some floating plants. These plants help Koi Betta to connect their bubble nests. You are required to be very convinced there is a smooth and soft substrate on the floor of the tank. When Koi Betta becomes aggressive, they start rooting around and swirling through the substrate, but there is fear for them to get cut at the time of doing this. Therefore, you should be very cautious to choose a soft substrate.

Tank Mates For Koi Bettas

Koi Betta are alone because they are extremely aggressive. Therefore, Koi Betta likes to live separately. If you keep them with other fish especially with an identical appearance they would become contentious. Therefore, you should not keep boisterous or territorial fish with your Koi Betta. Species of small shoaling would be a great choice to keep.

Below is the list of some good tank mates:

  • White Cloud Mountain minnows 
  • Corydoras catfish 
  • Mollies
  • Danios
  • Kuhli loaches
  • Tetras

You should be aware that Koi Betta fish normally live a lonely life. Therefore, it would be a great option if you keep your Koi Betta as the only fish in the tank.

Feeding Koi Bettas

It is very necessary to nourish your fish with a distinct variety of food to assure that your Koi Betta has the nicest food to grow and battle against diseases. You should feed your Koi Betta fish with insects and insect larvae. Since you are aware that Koi Betta fish are carnivores. You would be able to provide them with some diets such as live insects, pellets, larvae, freeze-dried foods, and flakes. It is always recommended to feed your Koi Betta once or twice a day but you should be very careful that you do not overfeed your fish. 

Feeding Koi Bettas

For avoiding overfeeding your fish, it would be nice if you have a compatible timetable and you regulate the quantity of nutrition you are providing to your fish. Koi Betta can stretch its belly. Therefore, it would be risky when you nourish your koi betta with dried foods that could expand in the tank. If you notice, your Koi Betta’s belly takes a round shape. It is an indication that your fish has eaten enough food. 

Since Koi Betta fish are carnivorous. Therefore, they would require an adequate amount of protein in their food. The following are some additions to your koi betta’s diet with some food that is rich in protein: 

  • Tiny fish
  • Worms
  • Frozen foods
  • Daphnia
  • Brine shrimp
  • Mosquito larvae
  • Blood worms 

How To Setup A Tank

You should provide an adequate tank size to your Koi Betta fish where they can live with comfort and do not have to compromise with the size of the tank. Below are some of the essential components to set up a tank for your koi betta fish:

What Tank Size Should You Pick?

What Tank Size Should You Pick

It is always advised to have a tank of 10 gallons. This is because your Koi Betta could live with its tank mates. The size of the tank should be enough so that your Koi Betta fish could swim freely. 

Do Koi Betta Fish Need A Filter?

Filter for Koi Betta Fish

A filter would be a nice option for your Koi Betta fish tank. Because it would help in cleaning the tank. The tank of your fish would be safe from toxic substances. As Koi Betta fish are not able to swim in turbulent water. Therefore, it is advisable to buy a gentle filter. 

Do Koi Betta Fish Need A Heater?

Heater for Koi Betta Fish

Koi Betta would require a heater. Since they originate from a warm region of Asia where the temperature is always warm. Therefore, there is a need to buy a water heater to maintain the temperature between 25 and 27°C. In case of high temperature, there is a stake in speeding up the ageing procedure. On the other hand, when there is a low temperature, it increases the chance of illness. A heater with a thermostat would be a suitable heater for effective monitoring. You should never make the mistake of installing a heater in less than a 5 gallon tank.

Do Koi Betta Fish Need Decorations And Plants?

Koi Betta Fish Aquarium Decorations

Since Koi fish originate from ponds that have greenery. Thus, you should add various plants and hide regions like holes. So that Koi Betta could get shelter from attackers. You should buy silk plants for your Koi Betta fish tank. Rather than buying artificial ones. Artificial plants can also hurt your Koi Betta.  

Do Koi Betta Fish Need Lighting?

Koi Betta fish do not need any special treatment in case of lighting. Koi Betta has the same schedule as us. They wake up during the day and sleep at night. Therefore, LED lights would be a great choice for your Koi Betta. You can also switch off the lights at the time of sleeping.

Breeding Koi Bettas

When it comes to breeding, a tank of 10 gallons would be fine. You should select the fish that are under a year old as they would be very productive. Hence, it would be a favorable choice for the breeding process. 

You should make sure that the water has 27°C or above temperature and has a 7.0 pH level. Now, the male Koi Betta is ready to make a bubble nest. The nest would be used to keep the eggs. There should be a hiding place for the female Koi Betta fish in the tank. Because the male Koi Betta comes to be contentious at the time of the relationship.

Once the breeding procedure is started, the male would start roaming around the female Koi Betta fish and would try to act up his serious coloration. Now, the female Koi Betta begins to expel the eggs as the male Koi Betta fertilizes them. After that, the male Koi Betta would keep them in the bubble nest. Now, the time comes to keep the female Koi Betta in a different tank. Since the male becomes aggressive. Once the eggs hatch, then after 2 days you should keep the male Koi Betta also in a different tank.

Compatible Tank Mates

You must be careful with the selection of the best plants. But, most importantly, you should be very comprehensive when selecting the space to keep your Koi Betta fish in the tank. Make sure that you do not keep two male Koi Betta fish in an identical tank.

Betta Fish Compatible Tank Mates

This is because there would be chances of fighting due to their contentious nature. But if you wish to keep your Koi Betta with tank mates. You should consider the following aspects:

  • Tropical fish 
  • Peaceful
  • Short-finned
  • Dull colored

Common Diseases In Koi Betta

Koi Betta fish commonly suffer from velvet disease. Your Koi Betta fish would see the effect of this disorder at some stage of their life. This disease does not affect your koi betta health. But it would give a yellowish color to the skin of Koi Betta. It appears like tiny golden streaks on the body, head, and fins of the Koi Betta fish. Nonetheless, if you do not take this seriously and treat this disease. The dots could start covering the whole body of your Koi Betta fish. 

Now, another disease is ich. The symptoms of this illness comprise specks of white color on their fins and their parts of the body. Generally, this arises due to the impoverished quality of water and this can be dealt with identically as dropsy additionally treatment. 

Another disease is fin rot which is arisen in the fish body by the fungus or bacteria. Nonetheless, feared and unhealthy fishes are highly sensitive. It results in the tails and fins glancing bored and ragged. There is only one treatment for fin rot that is quarantine. You are required to keep your infected Koi Betta in a different tank and provide them special treatment.

As far as disease and disorder are concerned, deterrence is invariably considered nicer than remedy, and there exist all in one strategy which would help you to keep your Koi Betta prosperous and powerful. The treatment of this disease is to provide a healthy diet to your Koi Betta fish.


You should provide your Koi Betta with enough space to swim and to roam around the tank and you can also decorate the tank with some plants. Overall, Koi Betta is very nice to keep. However, you should be very cautious at the time of the breeding procedure. We hope our article will be informative for you. You would not have any doubt after reading this article.

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