Kit The Sea Otter Invents “The Shrimp Game”

Kit The Sea Otter Invents “The Shrimp Game”

(You’re going to want to watch this video to the end, trust us.)

Rescued resident sea otter Kit decided to play with her food in a bit of gastronomic parkour that we’re calling “The Shrimp Game.”

The rules appear to be simple: Without looking, you must hide your shrimp in an impawsible-to-reach place. Shrimp Points accumulate for the amount of time the shrimp is left alone on the board—but beware your sneaky opponent Ivy!

Because whoever eventually eats the shrimp gets all the points—or something like that.

Thanks to Sea Otter Aquarists extra-otter-naire Stephany and Jess for the video!

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