It’s Been a While. A Day in Afishionado Land

For this video, we take a trip to Boyd’s (relatively new) headquarters, had Josh of Clearwater Scrubbers at my house for him to take a look at his creation in my system and to give some tips, trip down to Miami to deliver a special coral for Julian Sprung and lastly go to Frost Museum of Science to check out the aquaculture exhibit.

Sit back and enjoy!

Happy reefing.

Vlog : It’s been a while. Day in Afishionado land.

Now that the show videos are done, let’s go back to our daily schedule! It’s been a while since I did a vlog so I figured it would be good day to give you gu…


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Afishionado : a person who likes, knows about, and appreciates a usually fervently pursued interest or activity. (In this case, fish, corals and reef keeping). We are group of passionate hobbyists who are all about educating, creating innovative contents and providing eye popping visuals for hobbyists of all levels.

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