Introducing Our Two New Otters

Introducing Our Two New Otters

What was the process to get the otters to the Aquarium?

In September 2020, we received the recommendation to receive two male otters from Potter Park Zoo in Lansing, Michigan. It was determined through conversation with both institutions that these otters’ personalities and temperaments would be a fantastic complement to those of Ace and Stono. In January 2021, two of our animal care staff traveled to Michigan to meet these two pups. The pair traveled back to Charleston with our staff and spent their first 30 days with us in quarantine, a standard practice for any animal move.

In quarantine, our new otters received plenty of food, care and playtime! They were able to become familiar with their new caretakers and acclimate to their new home. After passing a quarantine “exit exam” by our vet staff, our new guys were moved into their permanent off-exhibit holding. They were kept physically separated from Ace and Stono, but all were able to see, hear and smell each other.

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