I’m in Nitrogen Cycle Jail!

I’m in Nitrogen Cycle Jail! – Becka’s Tank Episode 5

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The salt we use:
Reef Crystals – //amzn.to/3tYz9GA

Our Favorite Fish and Coral Foods:
Sustainable Aquatics Hatchery Diet 1.2 mm – //amzn.to/35Xnz5B
Sustainable Aquatics Hatchery Diet 0.8 mm – //amzn.to/2N10IPH
Dr G’s Food – //amzn.to/3sxQdnx
Nori Sheets – //amzn.to/2LQVzsQ
Algae Clips – //amzn.to/3bIVfHB

Fish Quarantine Treatments:
Formaldehyde / Formalin – //amzn.to/2XDOjU7
Prazipro – //amzn.to/3smK5ya
Furan-2 – //amzn.to/39umNxP
Coppersafe – //amzn.to/3nHKIPh

Cycling Bacteria/Media:
Dr Tims One and Only – //amzn.to/2MW4idQ
Brightwell Microbacter7 – //amzn.to/3idLIti
Marinepure bricks – //amzn.to/3idZxId
Brightwell bricks – //amzn.to/2LN4ls6

Super Helpful Random Stuff:
Sicce Utility Pump – //amzn.to/3qjgu6X
Wireless Remote Control – //amzn.to/38FaMGy
ETEKCITY Infrared Thermometer – //amzn.to/3nH7Pt9
OXO silicone dryer mat – //amzn.to/2TFadnX
OXO Turkey Baster – //amzn.to/3ofxyuV
Rubbermaid 1/2 Tray – //amzn.to/3hrPscy

Sound Absorbing:
Rubber Anti-Vibration Pad – //amzn.to/3brxJhi
Sound absorbing panels in the room – //amzn.to/386LPnH

DIY Sound Panel Parts:
Owens Corning 703 – //amzn.to/2UoxAlL
Roxul Safe & Sound – //amzn.to/3ndMyHH
Guilford of Maine Fabric – //amzn.to/35jcE6e

Canon C200
Canon 5Ds R – //amzn.to/33qklaf
Canon 100mm Macro – //amzn.to/33pbUvG
Canon 100mm IS Macro L – //amzn.to/3guFh3h
Canon EF MP-E 65mm f/2.8 macro – //amzn.to/3gz9HBO

Camera Stabilization:
Freefly Movi Phone Stabilizer – //amzn.to/2DDrzwr
Freefly Movi Pro Stabilizer – //amzn.to/31oO7to
Edelkrone SliderONE – //amzn.to/39V8Ici
Edelkrone HeadONE – //amzn.to/2EQfu7X

Shure SM7B – //amzn.to/2DUQPP1
Sennheiser 416 – //amzn.to/3ajHpIT
Sennheiser AVX Lavalier – //amzn.to/33Ud4iU
Focusrite Scarlet 18i8 – //amzn.to/30RkBx8
Cloudlifter CL-1 – //amzn.to/2XY4En8
Aston Halo Portable Microphone Reflection Filter – //amzn.to/36hoSfH


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About Tidal Gardens:Tidal Gardens is a coral farm located in Copley, OH. We are constantly on the lookout for amazing new corals and attempt to propagate them sustainably. In addition, Tidal Gardens produces videos on a variety of reef related topics with a focus on corals and aquaculture.About Than Thein:Than Thein is the owner of Tidal Gardens, a coral farm located in Copley, OH. He has a background in biology, computer science, business, and law and left the corporate environment to farm corals. He is also a certified diver and specializes in underwater photography and videography.

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