Hurricane season is upon us! Are you ready? Here is a checklist from industry professionals

For those of you that live in Florida and other southern states, another hurricane season is upon us.
Have you made preparations for your aquariums? What can you do prior to the storm? What can you do if you are in a pinch? Here area  couple of videos that can help you to get prepared. One video I made in the past with Hydra Aquatics in Dania Beach, Florida who overcame hurricane Irma with a 95% success rate, and one from Reefkeeping’s Godfather, Julian Sprung’s personal experience. He shares his methods and the changes that he has made over the years to prepare for and deal with power outages and to save his animals.

Check it out and be prepared! : How to prepare for a hurricane or power outage like a pro.

Recently we went through a monster of a hurricane in hurricane Harvey and Irma. With such devastation that storms and hurricanes can bring us, are you guys r…


Julian Sprung: Planning for Hurricanes and Other Natural Disasters | MACNA 2018

Julian Sprung grew up on a residential island on Biscayne Bay in Miami Beach, Florida, where he spent a lot of time collecting and observing all kinds of mar…


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