HR4521 Update

Here is an update from the Pet Advocacy network which was formally known as PIJAC. Bill Jones switched their name as of last Tuesday just so you are all aware of the change. Please feel free to send this to anyone and everyone you can! I have already sent my response in!

As expected, the Senate has amended HR4521 replacing the House’s language with the Senate’s USICA language (S1260) and sent HR4521 back to the House as of Monday, March 28th. This sets up the next steps for a conference committee.

Lacey Act campaign

We are now asking you to reach out to your US Representative and Senators to let them know you oppose amendments to Lacey in any version of a bill that comes out of this reconciliation process. More information will be coming the situation develops as the House and Senate Committee members are identified. Please take action now by clicking the Lacey Act campaign link! It only takes a few minutes and our industry needs your support!


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