How to Reduce Nitrates in a Reef Tank


Reduce Nitrates

What going on Salt Nation? Jeff Here with another article to help you become more successful in the saltwater aquarium hobby. I recently posted a video on YouTube about reducing nitrates in a reef tank. The title of that video is the same of this article and I wanted to clear a few things up but before that I need you to watch the video below.

Reduce Nitrates in a Reef Tank Without Water Changes Video

The title of this video has lead to some misunderstandings. In no way am I trying promote the idea of avoiding water changes. The idea behind this video is to teach hobbyist the benefits of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria and how they can reduce nitrates in your aquarium without doing a water change. Not, If you grow some bacteria you don’t need to water changes anymore.

There are many ways to reduce nitrates in a reef tank without water changes but Water changes are hand down the best and most effective way to reduce nitrates in your saltwater aquarium. I recently did a podcast on reducing nitrates on saltwater aquarium radio, you can find that here. Below you will find more ways to reduce nitrates.

Ways to reduce nitrates in a reef tank:

  • Bio-pellets
  • Filter socks
  • Protein Skimmers
  • Deep sand bed
  • Under gravel filters (old school)
  • Plenum (older school)

Reduce Nitrates in a Reef Tank final thoughts

There are many ways to reduce nitrates but nothing takes the cake quite like a good old fashion water change. The success of a saltwater aquarium depends on it but there are ways to reduce nitrates in between water change day. The  practice of reducing nitrates constantly is one that needs to be looked at for long-term success of maintaining a saltwater aquarium.

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