Hickory - South Carolina Aquarium

Hickory – South Carolina Aquarium

Kemp’s ridley (Lepidochelys kempii)

Stranding Location: Apache Pier, Myrtle Beach, SC
Arrival Date: 6/21/2020
Age: Juvenile
Weight: 7.9 lbs (3.6 kg)

Case History

Hickory was hooked with a treble hook in the mouth and jaw by a fisherman. The fisherman cut two of the prongs off the treble hook and left the third prong inside of the mouth and jaw. Several Myrtle Beach turtle patrol volunteers and permit holders (Linda Mataya, Chris Beem and Chris Lee) worked together to pick the turtle up from the pier, and transport him down to the South Carolina Aquarium Sea Turtle Care Center on Sunday afternoon for treatment.


Once Hickory arrived, staff took x-rays and did a full physical exam and bloodwork. The leftover piece of the hook was easy to access since it was in the tongue, but there were some other injuries on the turtle as well. We lightly sedated Hickory, removed the hook quickly, and then treated his other wounds. The left front flipper has a puncture wound with associated swelling and some bone degradation inside which indicates there is an infection. It is likely that hickory was hooked once before in the flipper, set free, but then continued to go after the bait while the infection took over the elbow joint. Hickory was prescribed antibiotics to fight off infection in the joint as well as any issues associated with the hook in his mouth.


July 1, 2020: Hickory is doing well and settling into his new temporary home. He is eating and continues to defecate regularly. His wounded flipper does not seem to be causing him any issues or pain as he uses it normally while swimming. We will continue to monitor the wound and check bloodwork to make sure he is improving. Just keep swimming, Hickory!

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