Happy World Tuna Day! 🐟

Commonly called “ahi” tuna on the menu, these yellowfin tunas are zooming their way into your timeline to celebrate World Tuna Day today! 

Tucking their fins flat against their bodies thanks to special grooves, these streamlined scombrids swim swiftly through the sea in bursts of speed up to 46 miles per hour! But not so fast—while many yellowfin tuna fisheries are well managed, there are some populations around the world that are fished more heavily than others and need our help. When you choose to buy sustainable seafood from our Seafood Watch partners, you’re supporting the fisherpeople and fisheries that are working hard to do the right thing for our ocean. There’s still a tuna work to do to protect these powerful pisces, but together we can make sure they have a healthy future! 🐟💪

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