Reefs Advertising Internal – 125 deluxe

Feel Good, Look Good, and Help the Environment!

Waterlust began as an experimental project by ocean science graduate students at the University of Miami’s Rosensteil School of Marine and Atmospheric Science. Unsatisfied with the conventional methods of sharing scientific findings with the world, their early days were spent learning how to use online media to engage the public with marine science in an entertaining, fun and informative way.

Media was a great start, and having people “like” and “share” their photos and videos across the internet inspired them to keep thinking outside the box. “How could we bring science and a love for our watery world into more peoples lives?” As much as their videos and photos were reaching millions of people, those digital interactions were fleeting and they knew they could do more.

The trio of scientist entrepreneurs hypothesized that clothing could be a canvas on which they tell science’s stories, and that every time you wear it, you’ll be a walking, talking advocate for the science it represents. They called the approach Advocate Apparel and overnight Waterlust evolved into a purpose-driven clothing brand.

Each of their unique prints advocates for the marine species, ecosystem, or natural phenomenon it represents and 10% of profits from the sales go to its associated research or non-profit organization that is putting in the hard work to make a tangible difference. Find out more HERE


Thank you Waterlust for your important work (and your words and images)!

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