DIY Scrubber and Giant Clam for the ELOS Tank!

Those of you that follow me on social media handles know that I deal with chronically low pH in my aquariums. To combat this, I do many things: bring extra air into the sump with an air stone, airline tubing to the skimmer’s air intake line, kalkwasser, algae scrubber on 24 hours, all without much success. The only thing that seems to help is when I open the air and have a box fan bringing the fresh air in. With rainy season coming to South Florida, I knew that I couldn’t rely on this method forever, so I called up my friend Kevin who was making DIY monster CO2 scrubbers to deal with this issue once and for all! Check out what we did and let me know what you think in the comments below.

But wait! There’s more! For the second part, I decided to get a center, show piece for my ELOS aquarium; a 8-9″ Deresa clam. You guys know I have a weakness for clams and when I got an opportunity to pick up a home grown, aquacultured clam, I had to jump on it! Huge thanks to Ian of Dr. Frag It for remembering my love for clams and taking care of me. Let me know what guys think of how the clam looks in the tank and how you think the scrubber will work out in the long run! Happy reefing!

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