Cute and Gay Aquariums with Scott Oliphant

In this episode Ben and Rich have Gold Level Beefer and all around amazing human Scott Oliphant on the show to share his wisdom about Fluconazole.

Time Stamps

00:00:00 Intro
00:00:53 Welcome Scott
00:08:18 SPONSOR: PolypLab
00:09:46 Fluconazole
00:27:08 SPONSOR:
00:29:51 Cipro dosing
00:47:16 Support Reef Beef!
00:49:12 Rich won’t use Fluconazole
00:52:23 One magic answer?
00:55:04 Don’t have blind faith
00:56:36 Ben’s BEEF
00:59:39 Scott’s Tanks
01:09:02 Scott’s Advice
01:10:29 Scott’s BEEF
01:19:53 More of Scott’s Tanks
01:26:24 Wrap Up
01:27:32 BLOOPERS

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Cute and Gay Aquariums with Scott Oliphant – Episode 51

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