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Cute and Creepy Earrings by Delaney Ray

Check out these earrings by artist Delaney Ray! Super adorable and slightly terrifying, they can be found on the sculptor and tattoo artist’s etsy page, HERE

On the page, she writes, “My obsession with entomology and nature has spilled over into earrings!
Since a young age I’ve always loved insects, finding them fascinating. I made my first pair of bug related earrings in march, and I could have never guessed the amazing response I would receive from them. From isopods, to IUD’s, to worms, I hope you enjoy my odd shop! 🙂

Along with being a small business owner, I’m also a bug and nature lover. When I’m not sculpting pill bugs you’ll find me catching butterflies or looking for bones.”


  Reefs in Art

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