Clam Series: Crocea Clams with ORA


Out of all my years working for, one of the top 3 watched and engaging video has been the clam video. I have been listening to what many of you have asked for and decided to split the video up and create a series of its own, giving you different videos, each focusing on a different species, to give you guys more in-depth and accurate information instead of blanket general information which may not apply to every species of clam.

In order to do this, we went to one of the largest aquaculture facilities in North America, ORA (Oceans, Reefs & Aquariums) to begin a new series. (I will be visiting various clam farms to make this series) It took 2 years to fully materialize and I hope that you guys find this video useful and entertaining. I certainly had a blast making it, and the 4 hour round trip drive was totally worth it.

We will start this series off with one of my personal favorite clams, Tridacna crocea. (I personally have 3 of them in my tank)



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