Chromis tingting, a New Species of Damselfish from Japan | Reef Builders

Chromis tingting, a New Species of Damselfish from Japan | Reef Builders

Chromis tingting is a brand new species of damselfish described from Japan by Lemon TYK and Anthony Gill. Hailing from Japan’s famous Sagami Bay, the new Ting Ting damselfish has been confounded with similarly colored Chromis like C. mirationis with which it co-occurs in some areas. 

Juveniles and adults of selected Chromis species: A1: Chromis tingting sp. nov., juvenile, Hachijo-Jima, Japan (Photo by Kiss2Sea); A2: Chromis tingting sp. nov., adult, Izu Oceanic Park, Japan (Photo by W. Takase); B1: Chromis mirationis, juvenile, aquarium specimen from Okinawa (Photo by Y.K. Tea); B2: Chromis mirationis, adult, aquarium specimen from Izu peninsular (Photo by Y.K. Tea); C1: Chromis okamurai, juvenile, Kashiwajima, Japan (Photo by K. Nakajima); C2: Chromis okamurai, adult, Kashiwajima, Japan (Photo by K. Nakajima); D1: Chromis struhsakeri, juvenile, Midway Atoll (Photo by R. Whitton); D2: Chromis struhsakeri, adult, Midway Atoll (Photo by R. Whitton).

Like most damselfish and especially Chromis species, the new C. tingting has a unique juvenile and adult appearance which changes as the fish grows and ages. The little guys are mostly a light greenish silver body with blue ‘eyebrows’ and pale yellow fins that become clear at the margins. 

Adult Chromis tingting retain this general appearance but mostly lose the blue color over the eye, becoming lighter in overall coloration and developing a noticeable black pectoral spot. Some other closely related species to Cromis tingting include C. okamurai and the lovely Hawaiian endemic C. struhsakeri. [Researchgate]



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