Cele-bray-te World Penguin Day by helping us name our newest penguin chick!

Happy World Penguin Day! What better way to shellebrate than by helping us choose a name for our fabulously fuzzy new penguin chick?!

Do they look more like a Cypress, Aster, or Pfeiffer to you? Cast your vote in our poll and the winning name will be announced May 2! (Please note, only votes placed on our poll page will be counted!)

The little gray head of our penguin chick pokes up beside father Boulders inside its nest box, resting its tiny black beak on Boulders’s back while Boulders lays on his tummy.

This feathery bundle of joy hatched on March 24 and after spending its first few weeks on exhibit, just popped behind the scenes for a few months with penguin parents Walvis and Boulders while it learns how to penguin.

At last week’s checkup, the chick weighed 910 g and aviculturist Dominique Blair said, “I can hear the chick vocalizing to its parents in the mornings when I’m cleaning. The tiniest little peeps – it’s so sweet! The chick is often sitting at the edge of the nest now, looking out at the world, and when it’s time for a little snooze (it’s rough being a chick) it just leans over on Mum or Dad and uses their back as a pillow. 🥰🐧”

The penguin chick sits in the right corner of its nest box with penguin parents Walvs and Boulders. Boulders is inside the nest with the chick while Walvis stands guard outside.

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