Biota Now Shipping Captive Bred Animals Direct To Consumer | Reef Builders

Biota Now Shipping Captive Bred Animals Direct To Consumer | Reef Builders

Biota has just launched their new direct to consumer retail website. Now you can have a fully stocked reef tank with cultured and captive-bred animals.

Biota offers over 130 livestock from fish to corals and invertebrates, something for every level of hobbyist. And each purchase represents a tangible commitment to restoring our marine ecosystems. 

Biota’s business ethic revolves around leaving the ocean in a better state than how they found it. Biota has developed new ways of sustainably culturing fish, clams and corals for the global aquarium trade in addition to food security and conservation purposes.

Biota has facilities located in Palau, Hawaii, Florida, and North Carolina, they have already cultured more than 100 different types of fish, including endangered species, rare and exotic species, and world-firsts such as the Borbonious Anthias, Bumphead Parrotfish and Clown Triggerfish. 

Biota uses science and technology to develop ocean-friendly aquaculture solutions that provide conscientious aquarists and pet stores with sustainable and superior alternatives that further ocean conservation. And, for every purchase you make, Biota will release two fish into the wild to help restock depleted populations and replenish valuable food fish into the waters of Palau.

Every customer can feel good about where their fish come from while helping restore our oceans. 

Visit, to learn more about who we are, what we do, and how your choice can help the marine aquarium industry chart a course towards a better, bluer, more sustainable future. 

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