Best Fish for Ponds | The Aquarium Guide

Best Fish for Ponds | The Aquarium Guide


Choosing The Best Types of Fish for Your Pond

As you set out to choose some fish, you might want to have your email address handy for the pond informer sites. You can get some great information and resources with comment name details. Our pond informer style is to make sure you have all of the relevant information to choose the best variety of species of fish to coordinate with your plants, temperature, pond size, and more.

Fish Species to Exercise Caution With

There are two specific species in the variety of fish choices that you may want to take care of when using. While one or two different types might be ok there are some varieties that you won’t want to have more than 1 type in there with. You can have 10 or 15 of the same kind but must be careful about others.


The first one to be aware of is catfish. These fish can handle any water and just about any temperature. They forage for their own food and they can hang out with 50 other catfish and grow to some pretty hefty size measurements. Predators are not likely to be a participant in eating your catfish.

The catfish can get pretty wild, which is important to know in the navigation of choice. The catfish is a willing participant and might makes friends with the other 15 fish you have but they also have a short temper. They certainly don’t make good pets.

Catfish can be wild bullies that like to start fights and if you have a range of other 2, 5, or 10 fish they might not be able to defend themselves against the size range and sheer force of a catfish. We recommend that you be selective about what you place in a pond in addition to catfish to avoid one issue such as this in 2021.

Catfish are very strong and can go from 1 to 100 on that scale in no time. They have the strength to eat smaller ones or even bite bodies in half of some kinds of categories out there.


sturgeon fish

The sturgeon is another fish that you should use caution within aquariums and ponds. These fish prefer not to be in groups and like to do their own thing. They can thrive in many areas and really display beauty but they can get very large.

It can be hard to work with sturgeon because they are picky about their temperatures. These fish need cold water and a good amount of it. They aren’t a fan of the sun making their water hot. They do like shade and cold water and the sturgeon may not even try to thrive in any other setting.

Fish Groups to Avoid for Outdoors

Next, there are some fish to discuss in this article that you may want to avoid using in posts. While their beauty might draw you in, you must be careful.

Some of these do amazing on the inside or in regulated spaces but don’t do as well outdoors.


Hypostomus Plecostomus

These little things feast on parasites and algae and you would think you can just toss them in like minnows but you can’t. They need heat. If you do place them outdoors, be sure you have heat in the pond.

You might be better off using minnows if your goal is to regulate insects and such.

Tropical Fish

collection of tropical fish

You shouldn’t ever place the tropical variety in an outdoor pond unless you are in a tropical environment. While they look nice to us, they also look nice to predators. At the same time, they also need a lot of warmth which can be challenging to keep up with.



Filling up the pond with plants and fish is a given. Your goal may be to have a range of one or two that just look really great or it may be to help maintain the plants in the area. Whatever your reasoning, be sure you choose an option suitable to your needs and nature or landscape region into which they are being placed.

Expert Tip

The best type of fish for a small pond in 2021 is the goldfish, particularly a fancy goldfish. You can also try algae eater, shubunkins, and even a minnow or 2.

Did You Know?

Shubunkins are spotted and colorful goldfish that are strong and sturdy. Shubunkins have a pretty calico print on their bodies and fins that sets them apart in name and visibility.


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