Bali Aquarich Hybrid Clarion with Passer Angelfish is a Fish to Remember | Reef Builders

Bali Aquarich Hybrid Clarion with Passer Angelfish is a Fish to Remember | Reef Builders

The clarion x passer hybrid angelfish was once a very rare fish that was only rarely collected from their native range of the west coast of Mexico. Back in the days, these fish would show up regularly when Clarion Angel collection was still allowed.

Hybrid clarion x passer, cyclops lemonpeel and aberrant bicolor angelfish

New Juvenile hybrid clarion/passer collected

So clarion x passer hybrids are a known quantity and not really anything new but what is new is that this fish is now available from the king of captive bred angelfish, Mr Su from Bali Aquarich. But now these hybrids are actually legal, as the collection of Clarion Angel is banned since the fish are on annex 2 of the CITES. So these fish will be supplied with CITES permit.

Gorgeous fish!

Our experience with Holacanthus passer is that it’s a very pugnacious fish, with a horrible reputation of being very aggressive. Obviously these captive bred hybrids have the beauty of the Clarion Angel, but unfortunately they also inherited the fierceness of Passer Angelfish.

Juvenile Hybrid H. clarionensis x H. passer

For the first time, we also could see what they look like at a very young age. It’s a very cute juvenile angelfish, with a yellow dominated color.

If you compare both fish at about the same size, the Hybrid is far less orange, but has so more blue than the Clarion Angel. The hybrid pedigree results in a much better looking fish than the original Passer Angelfish. Both of them are truly amazing fishes, and whatever is your thing, we’re sure they will find peoples to keep them.

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