baby Madagascar Giant Day Gecko

Baby Madagascar Giant Day Geckos Hatch in Island Life

Two baby Madagascar Giant Day Geckos (Phelsuma grandis) hatched last month from eggs laid by adults currently living in the rainforest habitat inside the Aquarium’s new Island Life gallery.

In spite of their name, the babies are only a little over one inch long right now. Our experts are caring for these tiny lizards behind the scenes in a special gecko nursery.

baby Madagascar Giant Day Gecko

The Aquarium’s herpetology team says the pair are currently growing well and “eating like champs.”

adult Madagascar Giant Day Gecko
Adult Madagascar Giant Day Gecko

The Madagascar Giant Day Gecko is characterized by a bright green body with brilliant red markings. They are native to tropical forest areas in northern Madagascar. In the wild, its diet consists of insects, small reptiles, nectar and pollen. Adults can grow to around 12 inches in length.

Fun fact: The species is believed to be the inspiration for the Geico Gecko.

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