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Hey folks, I hope everything is going well for you and your salty venture. I was recently on eBay checking out some auctions and I came across the WWC AOI zoanthids. I was immediately interested in purchasing this zoanthid for my own reef tank, so I watched the listing. To my amazement, this small frag of zoas ended up selling for $207.50. That equals out to $41.50 a polyp. Woah!

I’m a big fan of World Wide Corals and I’ve done a lot of videos on YouTube about my experience shopping with them. Not to mention this is an eBay listing (auction price) but I can’t imagine paying that kinda money for a zoanthid frag

I guess the best way is to look at this purchase as an investment. An investment hopefully one you would see a return on. AOI Zoanthids hands down are some of the most stunning zoas out there but I would go as far as to say it would take you six months to a year to make your money back from the initial purchase. Not to mention potentially flooding the market and seeing a price drop in this coral.

AOI Zoanthids Care

Zoanthids are very easy to care for and most zoanthids will do fine in a variety of reef tanks. This makes them a great beginner coral for hobbyist that are just starting out. I have written about zoanthid care many times and if you want to learn more be sure to follow the link.

For the most part, if you dip the zoanthids before adding them to your reef tank, have good aquarium husbandry and have ok lighting… they will do fine.

Most of the time, if zoanthids don’t open up there is something bothering them. First I would make sure nothing like a hermit crab may have crawled over them first. After some time has passed and they still haven’t opened, I would remove them from the aquarium and try dipping corals to see if any pest fall off.

Zoanthid Top 10 video

AOI Zoanthids have been around for a while and I have included them in one of my Top 10 videos not that long ago. Check out the video above to see where the AOI place in my Zoanthid Top 10 video.

Final thoughts on AOI Zoanthids

They are one of my favorite zoanthids but I do not own a single polyp. The cost (especially this time of year) is a little to rich for my blood. At some point, I will pick up some AOI Zoanthids for my own collection but I would be willing to bet that I won’t pat $42 per polyp. Nevertheless, they are an amazing looking zoanthid.

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