A red giant Pacific octopus fills the image, two of its arms up and the others sprawled about against a black background.

And so, the most inkredible week of the year has come to a close…

A black and white striped pyjama squid rests upon a black gravel substrate, its arms tucked beneath its body.ALT
 A brown and gold-colored two-spot octopus dashes from left to right, its many suction cups exposed as it makes its way through the water.ALT
A vibrantly-colored flamboyant cuttlefish displays patterns of violet, white, and yellow as it drifts against a blurred coral background. ALT

But fear not, fronds, the cephalopods are many and they’re here to stay! So let’s take this last day of Cephalopod Week to shellebrate these sensoceanal seatizens! Which one’s your favorite?

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