2018 Reefapalooza New York: The Eye Candies Part I

Anthozoa Reefapalooza is a one of a kind show. Besides being a conference featuring world-class speakers, a marketplace of ideas, and an exposition where numerous vendors showcase their latest products, at its core, RAP is one giant frag swap. Coral vendors occupy every nook, cranny, and corner of available space on the show’s floor, offering exotic corals and other reef-dwelling animals. In a seemingly endless stream of colors and shapes, new and exciting species entering the market always find their way to Reefapalooza. For that very reason, at this year’s event I set myself the goal to photograph as many coral vendors’ tanks as possible to present it to you in this multi-part segment I call “The eye candies”. Enjoy the gallery: 

  Dr Mac and his team brought an array of beautiful corals, some priced well below the competition. Plus they had, as always, a tank full of clams:) Coral 

Coral reefs

A wide selection of sps frags

 MacNew YorkAnthozoa

  Some good old frags plus a special treat for Star Wars fans 🙂 CoralCoral reefsMacNew YorkAnthozoa

  I’m an Elegance coral fanatic and these guys had the most beautiful specimen I’ve seen in a long time… CoralCoral reefsMacNew YorkAnthozoaCoral

  These euphyllias… Coral reefsMacNew YorkAnthozoaCoralCoral reefsMac

  And yet another group of corals I really enjoy – zoanthids! New YorkAnthozoaCoralCoral reefsMacNew YorkAnthozoaCoralCoral reefsMacNew York

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