2018 Reefapalooza New York -THANK YOU! (see pics :))

director, the entire crew Time has flown by rather quickly and here we are, looking back at yet another successful Reefapalooza New York event. In 2018, a phrase that can accurately summarize RAP NY is that it was crowded. This isn’t necessarily a negative thing, as the show gathered thousands of hobbyists from all over the place, which shows that our hobby is alive and growing. The wonderful crew at our booth was constantly busy and we managed to introduce reefs.com to a much larger audience than ever before. To all of you who joined us and spread the news, we thank you! Equally big thanks to our director, the entire crew, and the volunteers who helped us to promote reefs.com in the hobby.  I am planning to bring a whole lot more coverage of 2018 Reefapalooza New York in the coming days, so stay tuned and once again, thank you all for being awesome! Psst, the new issue of Reefs Magazine just landed, make sure to check it out! //reefs.com/magazine/ >Enjoy these photographs and post a comment if you find yourself in any of them  

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Marcin Smok

Marcin Smok is a reefer, photographer, traveler, SCUBA diver and and avid DIY-er. He has been keeping freshwater fish tanks since he was 9 years old and saltwater tanks for the past 10 years. Check his photography site at www.travelibn.com and follow his Facebook profile //www.facebook.com/photoreef/

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