12 Best Red Aquarium Plants: Review & Care Tips [2022]

12 Best Red Aquarium Plants: Review & Care Tips [2022]


Aquarium plants make a fantastic addition to the overall aquatic ecosystem. They are nutrient enriching, make good snacking options, and provide hiding spots to the vulnerable fish in the aquarium. While ferns and mosses are very common, finding red aquarium plants can be challenging.

The red plants stand out in the aquarium and make the aquarium look more vivid and bright. However, choosing one becomes a challenge with so many different types of live and decorative plants available in the market.

This article will walk you through the best red aquarium plants you can buy in 2022.

Best Red Plants for Your Aquarium (Our Picks)

1. CNZ Aquarium Decor Artificial Plastic Plant Red

We have the CNZ Aquarium Decor Artificial Plastic Plant Red on the top of the list. This one is a public favorite, mainly because of its cheap price range. The vibrant red color spruces up the insides of the aquarium distinctly.

The lifelike appearance of this plastic plant doesn’t even look artificial once you add it to the aquarium. The bottom of the plant has a broader plate that makes it easier to anchor to the substrate at the bottom of the tank.

The plant is made with non-toxic plastic, and the base is ceramic, which ensures a stable plant placement inside the tank. The plastic is very flexible and doesn’t have any sharp edges that could injure the vulnerable fish in the tank.


  • Vibrant and bright color
  • It has a ceramic bottom
  • Non-toxic composition


  • It has a strong chemical smell to it

2. QUMY Large Aquarium Plants

QUMY Large Aquarium Plants

The QUMY Large Aquarium Plants is unlike anything else in the market. The combination of bright red with specks of green livens the aquarium. Even this artificial plant features a plastic body with a ceramic base like the previous one.

The stable and durable quality of the ceramic base keeps it anchored to the substrate in the tank. The vibrant red adds a bold splash of color to the aquarium, making the décor stand out. The base of the plant has several ridges that make good hiding spots.

Unlike live plants, artificial ones require less maintenance. All you have to do is clean it occasionally, and you are good to go. The natural bend and flow to the plant’s structure make it look like a live plant instead of an artificial one.


  • It has a unique design and color combination
  • Durable and stable ceramic base
  • Non-toxic and has a flexible design


  • It takes up a lot of space in the aquarium

3. QUMY Fern Aquarium Plants

QUMY Fern Aquarium Plants

Another red aquarium plant from Qumy worth considering is this fern-like alternative. The combination of wine red with vibrant green tips makes this a good choice among beginner aquarists.

Like most artificial plants from Qumy, even this one features a stable and broader ceramic plate. It adds a bold splash of color to the tank and makes up for a good hiding spot for different species.

The natural design of this aquarium plant blends in well with the look of the aquarium, especially with the large and smoother gravel substrate in the tank. Also, it doesn’t require much maintenance, which is good too.


  • Fewer maintenance needs
  • It looks very realistic inside the tank
  • It offers impressive hiding spots for the fish species


  • Has sharp edges around the top

4. JIH Aquarium Decor Plastic Plant

JIH Aquarium Decor Plastic Plant

Another cheap and life-like red aquarium plant is the JIH Aquarium Decor Plastic Plant. This one is unlike all the others on the list. It doesn’t look like a fern or even the larger aquarium plants. Instead, the black and red combine to mimic the look of moss plants.

The plant part of this red aquarium plant is made of plastic. However, the base is ceramic to ensure that the plant holds down on the surface of the gravel. Also, the plastic is made of reliable and non-toxic material that won’t harm the fish.

The JIH plastic plant is designed for prolonged use in the aquarium so that you won’t have issues using it for long. A quick rinse and wash are more than enough for cleaning.


  • Realistic appearance in the tank
  • Stable and durable ceramic base
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • Not ideal for a tiny aquarium

5. MyLifeUNIT Artificial Seaweed Water Plants

MyLifeUNIT Artificial Seaweed Water Plants

Adding seaweed to an aquarium is quite fun. But, maintaining live seaweed is a hassle. So, why not switch it out with MyLifeUNIT Artificial Seaweed Water Plants? This artificial seaweed water plant has a combination of pinkish red with specks of green.

The plant is eco-friendly and made with non-toxic PVC material, contributing to prolonged usage. Also, the versatility of the water plant makes it ideal for freshwater and seawater aquariums.

The edges of this artificial plant are pretty soft and smooth, making it ideal for tanks with smaller fish species. Not only can they hide away under the leaves and use them for laying eggs and keeping them safe.


  • Tall and sleek design
  • Eco-friendly design with PVC material
  • Soft and smoother edges


  • The ceramic base is relatively small

6. Marina Naturals Silk Plant

Marina Naturals Silk Plant

When looking for high-quality red aquarium plants, not many reaches for high-quality silk plants. However, if you want something different and more vibrant, Marina Naturals Silk Plant is good.

The silk plant does take up a lot of the aquarium space, but you can’t deny that it is pretty tricky to clean and maintain. The larger leaves control the tank’s water flow and add a natural look to the aquarium environment.

The easy-to-install design with the broader ceramic base adds an excellent base to the plant. If you have gravel substrate in the bottom of the tank, this makes a good addition. It is pretty easy to secure this silk plant to the bottom and hold it stable in place.


  • High-quality material with ceramic base
  • Controls water current and flow
  • Adds a natural-look to the tank


  • Quite complicated to clean

7. Fuongee Artificial Reptile Plants

Fuongee Artificial Reptile Plants

Who said you can only add ferns and mosses to your aquarium? Why not add a bright red creeper like the Fuongee Artificial Reptile Plants. This small-size, hanging aquarium plant makes a good addition to the fish tank and is very easy to install.

The entire structure of the plant features a combination of plastic and silk. The silk glue process holds the structure of the plant and ensures that it doesn’t disintegrate when it comes in contact with the water.

The back of the plant comes with suction cups, making them very easy to install. Not just for fish tanks, they make good additions to your home décor and reptile terrariums too. Ensure that you soak and rinse the plant thoroughly before adding it to the tank.


  • Unique design with plastic and silk
  • Made with silk glue
  • It comes with suction cups for easy installation


  • The silk part of the plant is difficult to clean

8. Uxcell Aquarium Artificial Plants

Uxcell Aquarium Artificial Plants

Aquascaping plants are pretty fun to have. However, with the uxcell Aquarium Artificial Plants, this is a pretty great choice. It features a combination of red and green colors that brightens up the aquarium’s look.

Since it’s so affordable, you won’t regret buying two or more of these to add to the aquarium to fill in the gaps and brighten up the appearance too. The base is ceramic, while the plant part is pliable and soft plastic.

The grooves and ridges in the plant make it ideal for smaller fish species to hide out when they feel threatened. Also, these grooves are suitable for egg-laying fish species too. The color does fade over time, which is a downside to this product.


  • Durable plastic construction with ceramic base
  • Ideal for larger aquariums
  • It makes good hiding spots for the smaller fish


9. Aquapapa Aquarium Decor Plants

Aquapapa Aquarium Decor Plants

When talking about red plants for aquariums, we included the Aquapapa Aquarium Decor Plants. This one has a life-like appearance with a stunning red, orange and pink blend that stands out in the fish tanks.

Also, the flexible and larger stems of the plant anchor it safely to the bottom of the aquarium without any complications at all. However, if you want them free-floating, the lightweight material makes that possible.

The plant is a non-toxic material that doesn’t affect the aquarium’s water chemistry. The ceramic base is glued in tight to the plant, which holds it into the substrate at the bottom of the tank.


  • Flexible design
  • Can be affixed to the bottom or free-float
  • Made of non-toxic material


  • Leaves fall off very easily

10. Blue Ribbon Color Burst Plants

Blue Ribbon Color Burst Plantsr

Last on the list of the best red plants for your aquarium includes the Blue Ribbon Color Burst Plants. This one is a public favorite and bestseller on Amazon and for all the right reasons. The layered appearance of this plant has a bright red top with green on the bottom.

Not just for fish aquariums, it fits in well with terrariums too. The bottom of the plant has a heavy-duty and thick base that allows you to hold down the plant in place. The weighted gravel base also blends in well with the substrate in the bottom.

The soft and flexible leaves in the plant sway with the water current, which is again a big benefit. You won’t feel like it is an artificial plant at all. The full and bushy appearance of the plant makes your aquarium look a lot fuller.


  • Flexible and soft material
  • Safe for fish and other species
  • Graveled base to hold it in place


  • It takes up a lot of space

11. Live Red Razor

11. Live Red Razor

Live Red Razor

If you are particularly looking for a live aquarium plant in red, Live Red Razor is a good pick. They are macro aquarium plants and get stuck under the substrate or gravel at the bottom. They measure around 2-3 inches in length.

The best feature of this live plant is that they provide a good nutrient source to the fish and other species in the aquarium. Besides that, they also absorb the excess ammonia and nitrate from the tank, keeping the water healthy.

Adding Live Red Razor will create a natural habitat for the copepods, amphipods, etc. The plant comes with the dead on arrival guarantee if you want to replace or return it.


  • Small and easy to manage
  • Ideal for managing water quality
  • Creates a natural habitat for snails


12. Live Saltwater Gracilaria

Live Saltwater Gracilaria

Another live red aquarium plant worth considering is the Live Saltwater Gracilaria. It is a type of macroalgae that makes an excellent addition to saltwater aquariums.

Besides providing the fish and other species with optimal nutrient supply, it also makes an excellent decorative piece in the tank. Also, despite being algae, it is slow-growing and won’t interfere with the other plants or fish in the tank.

They are easy to maintain and don’t require specific attention. However, installing it correctly into the tank with proper anchoring to the gravel is quite tricky.


  • Provides optimal nutrient supply
  • Good decorative piece
  • Non-invasive and grows slowly


  • Attaching it to the bottom of the tank is difficult

Caring Tips for Red Aquarium Plants

Finding live red aquarium plants is a hassle. Since the options are pretty limited, it isn’t surprising that maintaining them is equally challenging.

That said, we will highlight some of the easy ways you can care for your red aquarium plant, both the live and the artificial ones.

Live plants

Caring for live aquarium plants is very subjective. You need to check the plant’s requirements, especially light exposure and water current. If you find the fish species chomping down on them, we’d recommend removing them immediately. Also, make sure you always quarantine the live plants in the optimal water parameters before introducing them to the fish tank.

Artificial plants

For the artificial red plants, you need to keep an eye on them. If you find the plant getting loose from its spot or if you notice slime or algae growth on them, take them out and clean them under running water. Sometimes, the fish can leave their biological waste in the plants too. Get a brush to thoroughly clean everything off before reintroducing the plant to the aquarium.

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Can red aquarium plants grow without CO2?

The CO2 requirement for a red aquarium plant depends on the species. A few of the mosses can sustain without carbon dioxide. However, most red ferns need exposure to CO2 for optimal growth.

Why are my red aquarium plants turning green?

The biggest reason the red aquarium plants lose coloration is due to excess nitrate in the water. You need to keep an eye out for the same, especially if you don’t want the plant to lose color and vibrance.

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Adding red aquarium plants compensate for the nutrient levels and make a vibrant addition to the aquarium. However, with the limited availability of red plants, it isn’t surprising that we had to blend the list with artificial and live plants.

If you add live plants to your aquarium, familiarize yourself with their requirements first. Some red plants have particular growing needs, especially regarding the water parameters and the chemicals in the water.

We hope this article gives you a fair bit of choices when buying red aquarium plants for your home. Let us know in the comments if you have any queries.


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