A poofy, young tufted puffin chick sits on a grey mat behind the scenes at the Aquarium.

🎉Welcome, little tufted puffin! 🎉



We’re unbeaklievably excited to announce that our tufted puffin colony has grown by one very adorable addition! This floofy puffling (yes, that’s really what they’re called!) hatched at the Aquarium on August 3 weighing just 48 grams. Now almost a month old, she currently weighs 357 grams thanks to the care of her parents and our aviculture and veterinary teams.

A tufted puffin family sits at the edge of their nest box behind the scenes at the Aquarium. The young puffling is all black and poofy, sitting atop some leaves of grass, while the two adult puffins sit looking at the camera with their orange beaks and white faces.ALT

The family of three is currently on exhibit, but may not be readily in view to our guests. Just like their wild burrows, their nest boxes at the Aquarium are deceptively long—wild ones can be as much as 7 feet deep! As she continues to grow, she’ll eventually head behind the scenes for a short while to practice her swimming and eating skills until she fully fledges and can join the rest of the colony on exhibit.

A group of three tufted puffins, collectively known as a circus, stand along the rocky edge of their exhibit at the Aquarium. Each bird is all black with a white face, along with a bright orange beak and orange feet.ALT

The birds in our colony are part of a Species Survival Plan (SSP), a program managed by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums that oversees the health and breeding of over 180 tufted puffins at 14 different facilities.

Please join us in sea-lebrating the puffling and sending well-fishes to the colony and to the dedicated team caring for all of our birds!

A poofy, young tufted puffin chick sits on a grey mat behind the scenes at the Aquarium, looking at the camera.ALT


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