Weโ€™re otterly thrilled to shellebrate this pawesome lady today!

Rosa is an icon of our Aquarium familyโ€”weโ€™ve known her since she was just a five-pound, four-week-old pup, stranded as an orphan in September 1999. Now our oldest sea otter, Rosa has seen and done a lot in her time with us!ย 

Instantly recognizable on our webcam and on exhibit because of her bright, platinum-blonde fur, Rosa has delighted and inspired generations of Aquarium guests with her signature swimming moves and naps in her favorite spot next to the windows. Her patience and natural maternal instincts also made her one of our most successful surrogate momsโ€”she raised 15 pups before retiring last year!

Rosa is beginning to slow down and show signs of her age, so our incredible otter staff works to keep her comfortable in her retirement. Just like humans, otter vision declines with old age, so our team uses audio and tactile cues in addition to Rosaโ€™s usual visual cues to help her during her training, and she gets frequent physical check-ups to keep her healthy.

Thank you, Rosa, for all of your work as an ambassador for your species, and for being a truly otter-this-world part of our lives! โค๏ธ


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