This Earth Day, we’re celebrating the importance of first steps and joining with aquariums across the country to reduce our use of single-use plastic in our gift shops, cafes and dining areas and in other behind-the-scenes work.

It’s often overwhelming to see how far we are from where we’d like to be. Reimagining modern life, knowing what we know now about our impact on the planet, will take a lot of hard work. But it isn’t lonely work. There’s a global family of like-minded people walking the walk in their communities, little step by bigger step, to make tomorrow greener for us and the next generation.

Bit by bit, we’re tidying up our work, our industry and our community, joining the many voices speaking loud and clear for a cleaner tomorrow. We’re excited to see you as we all take our next steps together.

Learn more about some of the changes we’ve made right here at home.

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