Q&A: why are my fish and fish tank covered with little bubble?

Question by Ambyr P: why are my fish and fish tank covered with little bubble?
I don’t have any thing in it. Just a simple little plastic tank with a guppy and some sort of pink fish? I know they can live without any air filters because i’ve owned many before and even these ones have lived a long time. But i just finished cleaning it and the tank and fish are covered with little bubbles and the pink fish is floating round like it’s about to die? Any idea what i can do to fix this?

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Answer by Sally
I have experienced this before, but only with my tank that doesn’t have a filter. I’m guessing it could be from not having one, or even maybe the kind of water you used. When I use tap water I always make sure to put in the solution that makes tap water safe for fish. You can buy it at any pet store.

Good luck.

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  1. Mrmoomin says:

    Without a filter your tank will have high ammonia, high nitrates and lows oxygen

    All fish can live without filters but not happily, not healthily and not for too long

    How can you cater for a fish when you dont know what it is?

  2. Jerry H says:

    are they soap bubbles from your cleaning or perhaps just air bubbles that naturally release from tap water. The little pink floater may have gone into shock if too much water was changed. a good idea is to change only a third of the water and be careful of drastic temperature changes, or Ph levels in the city water.

  3. Quiet Tempest says:

    Your definition of “long time” and the fish’s lifespan may be drastically different.

    It sounds to me like you’re overcleaning the tank if it’s enough to leave bubbles clinging to the tank walls and fish. The bubbles won’t hurt the fish and can be brushed off the sides of the tank with a net, but it sounds like your pink fish is in shock. You should probably reconsider your tank husbandry.

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