After cleaning a fish tank how do I put my fish back in?

Question by iluvmypets: After cleaning a fish tank how do I put my fish back in?
I have a Betta fish that has tail rot. I put medicine in the fish tank and have to clean it good now. I am not sure if I am supposed to put my fish in a bag in the fish tank to get used to the new water, like when you first get them, or what else to do . Can somebody please help me?

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Answer by Lizabeth
you can put the fish in the bag is a good idea. When I changed my fish tank water I would try to make it to room temp as close as possible. Try calling a pet store they might give you better advice!

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  1. cell4168 says:

    yes put it in a bag just like when you first got it….temperature shock will kill your fish if you just add it to the water.

  2. G says:

    is your betta fish the only one in the tank? you want to keep him separate from other fish while you are treating him for fin rot. just wait until you think the water temperature is about the same as the water you are keeping the in and you can put them back in. you can make boats out of plastic food storage continers if you are really concerned but they should be fine if you just wait until everything is about the same temperature.

  3. joe B says:

    Not sure about a Betta, but when I had guppies I never completely removed all of the old water–siphon off about one half or so and replace with fresh water. Since Bettas are used to small containers anyway you might want to stick him in a small bowl while your tank filters the newly added water. Why do want to change the water after adding the medicine?

  4. Orange Range says:

    you can do that but you realy should clean the tank with a gravel vacume wich you can gety at a pet store.

  5. ottoman says:

    You will always need to place your fish with a bag in the new water you prepared ,that is to climates your fish ie gradually get use to the temperature of the new water,

  6. powneverforgotten says:

    bag him, hes been out of the temp too long to jump back in.

  7. Zoe says:

    Actually it would be ideal if you did not remove him from the tank in the first place. Netting the fish, sticking in a bowl/bag, then dumping him back into new water can be stressful, particularly for a sick fish. You want to keep water changes as stress-free and quick and possible.
    Since you have a betta, I’m assuming he’s in some sort of small tank / bowl, right? Well, I will mention that bettas do way better in slightly bigger tanks (5 gallons) with heat and filtration – because cold, room temperature water in a little bowl without filtration is what is causing his illness. So, if you can, get him a nice 5 gallon tank with heater and filter.

    Anyhoo, for water changes, I suggest the turkey baster method ;) Get a clean turkey baster, and use it to suck out half the water, along with any food and poop, one a week if you have a filter and once a DAY if you don’t have a filter. Then refill with dechlor water. It sounds like a lot of work, but it’ll take all of 4 minutes, and your betta will be happy and healthy.

    Since you have to remove most of the water now, I still suggest you leave him in the tank and just leave an inch of water in there. So there will be still be a teeny bit of meds left in the tank, but you’ll dillute it very much when you refill the tank, and eventually, with water changes, it’ll all go away.

    If you ever see to remove your fish completely (say, you accidentally dumped a whole bunch of food in the tank), then fill a clean cup or bowl with water from his tank and put him in there. Then clean the tank, refill it, get it as close to the temp of his water in his cup, and then dump the betta and the water in the cup back into his tank.

  8. bleedseahawkblue says:

    First off you should never remove the fish from the tank when cleaning the tank, and you should never remove all of the water. By doing a total cleaning like you have done, you kill all of the beneficial bacteria that break down the fish waste. This waste is toxic and will kill your fish.

    To answer your question, acclimate him just like you would if he was a new addition.

  9. gunney53 says:

    i never take them out, i drain the water down to a level in which the fish can still swim in, and then refill.

  10. danielle Z says:

    First off, there are very few if any situation where you want to drain all the water from your tank and “scrub” it down. Doing this destroys all the bacteria built up in your tank and places undue stress on your fish. You should never drain more than 25% of the water.

    Use a razor or scraper or sponge to clean the sides of the tank while most of the water is still in the tank. Let your filters keep running. Give the tank about a half hour to settle. Use your gravel syphon to suck up the debris from the bottom of your tank.

    If you feel the need, pull your decorations out and wash them seperately.

    You can do a 10-20% water change on a weekly basis if need be. If your tank becomes that dirty that quick, you may have other concerns such as overstocked tank or over feeding.

  11. 1_pRiNc3sS says:

    well its really simple, all you gotta do is put them in a bowl of water or bag, then you can clean it.
    oh wait, hahaha
    i meant that you should pour them back in there if you put them in a bowl or bag.
    reallly simple! =D

  12. erd says:

    Use a ladle and scoop them up from their old bowl.